Modules for
web portals


In Triple-A, existing web portals of local authorities on sustainable energy will be optimised. They offer information to their citizens about how to reduce CO2 emissions in their area, with special attention to energy efficient home renovations.

Increase awareness of and easy access to low-carbon technologies.
Project approach & advantages?​​

Existing web portals of local authorities will be reviewed and optimised. Web portals offer great advantages to raise awareness among homeowners: they are available 24/7, easy adaptable, offer a wide outreach, etc.

By developing and integrating new web functionalities, the current web portals will become more user-friendly. They will allow quick scans to assess which technologies best suit with the homeowners’ needs and resources. For instance, Ghent University will develop a cost and energy savings calculation method as one of the functionalities.

The web portals will support and reinforce the other three actions of the Triple-A method: they will be used in the pop-up centres, promote the use of home energy monitoring systems and connect with real-life demo exemplars.

Guidelines will be developed during the course of the project and will be stored here once finished.