Picardie Pass Renovation
About Picardie Pass Renovation

  • Picardie Pass Renovation is the technical and financial instrument designed by the regional Public Service for Energy Efficiency.
  • Private property in the Region of Picardy (France) accounts for 15% of its greenhouse gas emissions. To rise to the challenge of energy renewal across its property portfolio, the region of Picardie has launched a pilot project with the Public Service for Energy Efficiency (PSEE) which they named 'Picardie Pass Rénovation'.
  • For owners: comfortable dwellings, energy savings and value added to their property
    • Turnkey technical support coupled with an all-inclusive financing solution*, Picardie Pass Renovation is a drive clearly focussing on private owners and co-owners of period properties.
    • The mechanism encompasses all phases of the renovation project
      • Upstream, via custom technical support : information, personal advice, dwelling heat diagnosis, defining of the appropriate works schedule.
      • Meanwhile, via project management appointed for the works and an all-inclusive financial solution: consultation and selection of partner companies through tendering, site tracking, management and payment of bills from companies entrusted with the work.
      • Downstream, via personal tracking for 5 years: support for equipment use/maintenance, tracking of energy consumption, teaching on how to be green. 

Role of Picardie in the Triple-A project

PSEE is the first French public operator to set up a third-party financing mechanism. The goal is turning energy savings, so financial savings, achieved through its heat renewal operations, into a resource enabling owner households to repay the advance granted by PSEE, the key to this being a substantial reduction in final energy consumption of 40 to 75%.

Thanks to our experience on our current activity, PSEE will strongly contribute to objectives of the Triple-A project in terms of:
  • reducing consumption and the amount of CO2 emitted.
    Indeed, they have suggested to use a large part of the sites of the users as a demonstration project, which will make it possible to test Triple-A methods.
  • Thus, Picardie Pass Rénovation will be able to evolve its processes thanks to the tools developed within the framework of the project and will gain in efficiency and in performance.

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