Other supporters

Do you want to become a Triple-A supporter as well? Contact us via e-mail: e.mlecnik@tudelft.nl .   

  For whom?
Mainly for:

  • Local and regional public authorities
  • Organisations that work for local and regional public authorities

But also for:

  • Supply side
    (contractors, technology developers & suppliers)

  • Regional energy multipliers
    energy consultants, network organisations)

  • Consumer/Resident organisations
  • Financial partners
    (banks, energy service companies, energy cooperation’s, utilities)


  • You are located in Europe, preferably in the 2 Seas region. This is the target area of the 2 Seas Crossborder Cooperation Programme that finances the Triple-A project.

What can you expect?​

  • We listen to the ambitions of your organisation as local authority or other stakeholder
  • We introduce you to local authorities with similar ambitions with regard to decreasing carbon emissions in single-family houses
  • We invite you to local scoping and designing workshops
  • We share knowledge and best practices to support your own energy efficient retrofitting activities
  • We communicate about the initiatives of your local authority or organisation

Why should you participate?​