City of Mechelen
About Mechelen

  • The city of Mechelen has the ambition to become climate neutral.
  • In Mechelen there is a really old housing stock and the renovation grade is very low, so there is an enormous potential for energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction.
  • However, it is a very hard task to convince citizens to give priority to the (total) renovation of their dwellings. There are many obstacles
    • No sense of urgency
    • Questions about financing and about coordination the whole project
    • ...

Role in Triple-A

  1. Improving our web portal for our citizens, with the aid of TU Delft and UGent. They will propose and develop specific web functionalities to help citizens in making a better estimation of energy savings, CO2 emissions and implementation costs of various energy-saving investments.
  2. The roll-out and evaluation of 100 home energy management systems (in cooperation with Eandis).
  3. Together with Eandis, we are looking for home-owners in our city, who want to experiment with the storage of solar energy in batteries.
  4. Collective renovation of houses: 30 homes will be renovated to NZEB-level and preferably to 50 kWh/m²; the city of Mechelen will encourage these citizens to become ambassadors, so that in turn more citizens are encouraged to make energy-efficent home renovations.
  5. The development, testing and use of a mobile pop-up, acting as a sustainable building advice center, which demonstrates the new technologies that are used in the collective neighborhood renovation.
  6. Communication is an essential part of the European Triple-A project. The city of Mechelen will mainly do this through its Climate Neutral campaign, which was developed in 2015​.