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Climate House in Roeselare (BE)

The city of Roeselare, who is a new observer partner in the Triple-A project, is proud to presents its Climate House.  The Climate House is open since September this year and is located in the Blekerijstraat 100. This street aims to become ‘The Street of Tomorrow’. It is a living lab in the City of Roeselare with several partners who want to make as many houses as possible future-proof with respect to the climate. It promises well insulated houses and residents who deal with energy in the right way. The Climate House is an excellent demo exemplar and wants to help people on their way to take measures themselves.

The house is open to anyone: on Wednesdays from 10h to 12h and from 13h to 16h, or at any other time by appointment. During the tour, visitors get to know about which changes have been made in the house, they also get an explanation about the energy efficient devices that are used, etc. This way you learn what is useful to you or your landlord.

Every citizen of Roeselare can also ask questions about the current actions organised by the climate team, such as: the measuring bicycles project, group buying for roof and cavity wall insulation (together with Test-Aankoop), group buying for green electricity (together with the Province of West Flanders), LEDs save the planet,…

From 12 to 18 February 2018, the city of Roeselare organises a Climate Week. During this week all kinds of activities will take place in the Climate House or at other locations in the neighbourhood.

Workshop | Activating homeowners with HEMS in Amiens, 14/12/17

Practical Info:
14/12/2017, 13:30 – 18:00:  WP2 WORKSHOP on Implementation of Home Energy Monitoring Systems (HEMS)
Salle des Congrès, Place de d’hôtel de Ville, 80000 Amiens, France


  • 13:30 – 14:00 Introducing presentations
    Kemal M’Foungoulie, PSEE Picardie ; Quentin Racine, Platform of Amiens ; Julie Dhoudain, Platform of Saint-Quentin ; Erdf (French electricity supplier) ; Grdf (French Gas supplier)
    Short presentations by stakeholders involved in the Triple-A project for France:
    Context of websites, pop-up centres and engagement activities.
    Energy suppliers’ help in sharing data for HEMS.
  • 14:00 – 14:30 How to activate users with HEMS?
    Ad Straub, TU Delft
    Presentation about the scoping work done on HEMS in the framework of the Triple-A project (first results).
  • 14:30 – 15:00 Workshop Specifications for HEMS (part 1)
    Moderators: Alice Morcrette, PSEE Picardie; Céline Willierval, PSEE Picardie; David Artano, PSEE Picardie; Kemal M’Foungoulie, PSEE Picardie
    In this first interactive part – using a prepared poster – the participants will discuss the needed technical and social characteristics of a HEMS, particularly for improved user activation.
    The participants will further explore the needed information that the HEMS should give aside from the energy and comfort data and the position of HEMS in the user journey.
  • 15:00 – 15:10 Coffee break
  • 15:10 – 16:00 Implementations of HEMS for Picardie Pass Rénovation
    Kemal M’Foungoulie, PSEE Picardie
    Detailed presentation about the implementations of HEMS for Picardie Pass Rénovation:
    Video about the COMPLETE installation of our HEMS in a house.
    Analysis of data from said installation
    Pros and cons, desired improvement, Discussion, etc.
    The project partners will have the possibility to work with some available sensors and will get access to the PSEE website supervision page.
  • 16:00 – 16:30 Implementation of HEMS in Flanders
    Michael Casier, Eandis
    Presentation about the implementation of HEMS in Flanders, from the viewpoint of the energy distribution grid manager.
  • 16:30 – 17:00 Workshop Specification for HEMS (part 2)
    Moderators: Alice Morcrette, PSEE Picardie; Céline Willierval, PSEE Picardie; David Artano, PSEE Picardie; Kemal M’Foungoulie, PSEE Picardie
    In this second interactive part, the participants will identify what should be the basic functionalities for HEMS and all the data that need to be collected.
    Each group will present the day’s work.
  • 17:00 End of workshop

More info:

Mechelen opens renovation mobile

On 10 November the renovation mobile opened its doors in the city of Mechelen.

In this mobile all homeowners in Mechelen can get simple and quick advice on energy-saving measures nearby their house. They can find information about the possibilities, which steps they best need to take first, what it costs and what the benefits are. In addition, there are examples of different sustainable measures, for example solar panels, floor heating and ventilation.

Homeowners can also get advice on financing measures and all the existing subsidies.

The pop-up shop Energysaving010 is open again!

The pop-up shop in Rotterdam has reopened its doors since 25th of August. Anyone who wants information about gas-free living, energy saving, insulation and power generation can go to this pop-up shop in the Ommoord district. Opening hours: every Friday from 12:00 to 18:00 and on Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00.

In the coming period Rotterdam will focus on neighbourhood actions. Through door-to-door visits, residents from the neighbourhood will be informed about the different possibilities on saving energy and on living more comfortably.

If people want extra information, they can go to the pop-up shop. There they’ll get advise on the different measures to make homes more sustainable. Advisers will also tell you everything about financing options and available subsidies. Furthermore various energy corporations and other organisations will organise meetings in the coming year about energy matters.

The pop-up shop in the Ommoord district fits within work package 3 of the Interreg 2 Seas project Triple-A, which develops and tests pop-up center models to increase awareness of and easy access to low-carbon technologies. It is made possible by financial support of the European Regional Development Fund and the Province of South Holland.

More information
For more information on energy-saving measures, tips and subsidies, visit

Local authorities are looking for the right way to encourage homeowners to renovate

Awareness and availability of technology does not yet lead to adoption. So much has become clear within the renovation sector. But what then? Governments also cut their teeth on this question.

The European Interreg2Seas project “Triple-A” aims to achieve market acceleration for the renovation of private single-family homes. Seven local governments (City of Antwerp, City of Mechelen, EOS Ostend, City of Rotterdam, City of Breda, PSEE Picardie and Kent County Council) are supported by TU Delft, Ghent University and Eandis in their search for opportunities to better inform their residents, to make energy-saving technologies easily available and to unburden citizens more.

In addition to neighborhood actions, pop-up centers and demonstration buildings, residential energy monitoring systems and new web functionalities are used to better guide the citizen on her renovation journey.

In the context of this project, local authorities recognise the need that they need to improve their communication channels – websites in particular – by introducing and testing new web functionalities. For example, it is still relatively difficult for citizens to find information about combined measures, technologies used in demo projects, contract forms, quality control and experiences of peers with certain building parties and technologies.

Read the whole article here (in Dutch):



Triple-A scoping activities | business development of pop-up centres for home renovation

A homeowner’s journey into energy efficient renovation starts by getting informed and consulted. An easy access to information happens nowadays through actions that are organised locally, for example in neighborhoods with a promising single-family housing customer segment.

As part of the Triple-A comprehensive approach, pop-up centres of local authorities are one important way to reach homeowners locally. These pop-up centres will be placed in the context of ongoing local demonstration projects, promotion of low-carbon technologies and support from websites of local authorities.

To this respect, different activities took place in the framework of the Triple-A project:

  • An inventory of existing initiatives of information and consultancy centres and related pop-up models in the Netherlands, France, UK and Belgium has been made. The inventory is predominantly based on literature research and answers on additional questions provided by the Triple-A partners resulting in general recommendations for initiating local authorities’ pop-up centres.
  • To better understand the co-creation needs for local authorities, a preliminary research was done through questionnaires and discussions with Triple-A local authority partners and observers as key experts.
  • A business model development workshop in Antwerp was organised on 13 October with the aim to detect the gaps and needs for improvement for collaboration between local authorities and supply side actors (cf. picture). The results were assessed to determine key elements of business models for three types of pop-up centres: flexible movable, semi-permanent and fixed longer term.
  • Furthermore key elements for local authority marketing plans are now being collected for initiating (in future self-supporting) local pop-up centres.

The experiences and conclusions of all these actions will be captured in the local scoping report ‘Concepts for consultancy centres and pop-up models for the adoption of low-carbon technologies by homeowners’. This report will be published on the Triple-A website once it is ready.

Triple-A @ REFURB conference and NZEB symposium

Triple-A was present at two events in October 2017: the  REFURB conference in Brussels and the NZEB symposium in Antwerp.

Triple-A participated at the REFURB conference on 10 October with the aim to gather useful information for the scoping report about the development of consultancy pop-up centres. This because there is an overlap between the two European funded projects.

On 24 October, the Triple-A project coordinator Erwin Mlecnik from TU Delft presented the first results of the Triple-A scoping activities for web functionalities on the NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) symposium in Antwerpen.  You can find the presentation here.

Triple-A will gather specific knowledge and will lead to models for local authorities in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the UK with the aim to increase the market uptake of energy-efficient single-family home renovations.  The project contributes to local supply chain collaboration and innovative business models,  strengthening web portals, development of pop-up centers for consulting homeowners, increased awareness of a wide range of technologies using demonstration exemplars and home energy management systems.

REFURB is a H2020 project, with the aim to inspire homeowners to move a step further with their energy renovations and achieve zero energy renovation. Easy, economical and efficient. REFURB gives an overview in a one-stop-shop model and establishes local partnerships and energy solutions close to consumers in the participating countries.

More info about the NZEB symposium: click here.

Triple-A Scoping workshops | How to improve web portals of local authorities

Within the Triple-A project, six local scoping workshops were organised in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK to assess the web portals of local authorities.  The purpose of these workshops is to find an answer on how web portals from local authorities can provide the desired answers to homeowners at every stage of energy-efficient renovation.

The first workshop in Rotterdam in May 2017 was facilitated by TU Delft and was  combined with a preparation meeting for the Triple-A partners, lead by the city of RotterdamBreda and Mechelen organised their workshop in June and PSEE Picardie in July in Amiens.  Antwerp and Ostend organised a joint workshop in Ghent in September and Kent finalised their workshop in Maidstone in October 2017.

The participants were local stakeholders including other local authorities, utility companies, consumer organisations and consumer representatives,  targeted homeowners and possible co-creators from the supply and demand side.

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