Triple-A improves your local authority’s website

Are you a local authority and you want to define the most wanted improvements of your homepage with regard to energy efficient renovation of individual home properties? Then fill out this questionnaire now.

The outcome of this questionnaire will be discussed during the first national scoping scoping workshop of Triple-A “Easy access to information through webportals”, which takes place on 18 May in Rotterdam.

Intention of this workshop

A home-owner’s journey into energy efficient renovation starts by getting informed. An easy access to information happens nowadays through webportals. As part of the TRIPLE-A comprehensive approach, the webportals of local authorities are one important way to reach home-owners, especially those in single family housing. These webportals will be placed in the context of the customer’s journey model.
The current scoping workshop aims to identify the gaps, needs for improvement before making a first selection of functionalities/modules to be implemented in the Local Authority’s webportals as a first step in the journey into the supply side and furthermore to create a basis for a selfsustained model of webportals.

In total 7 local scoping workshops will be held. More info about the agenda and timing will follow.

Antwerp launches climate districts

The Ecohouse of the City of Antwerp selected ten neighbourhoods with whom it wants to start an experiment. Together with a group of ambitious city residents, it wants to renovate five hundred homes in four years. It is the intention that neighbours work together in the project and transform their neighbourhood into a climate district that can stand up to 2050.

Renovation focus
The focus lays on three possible ways of renovation:

  • Allow 500 neighbours to isolate their roofs, walls and windows. For that purpose Eandis and Infrax now put a BENO coach at the disposal of these participants to assist them.
  • Convince neighbours not only to renovate, but to opt at once for a BENOvation (which simply means a BEtter reNOvation).
  • Or let neighbours take further steps and let them include the living and street environment in their plans, so that they can visualise the street of the future together.

Looking for builders and rebuilders
The intention is to start the experiment in May 2017. For this reason the Ecohouse now searches motivated neighbours and pullers within the selected neighbourhoods, who want to explore how they can renovate together or how they can collaborate to make their neighbourhood more sustainable.
The Ecohouse will coach and support them, but hopes that the neighbourhoods will mainly take own initiatives. Furthermore an exhibition were private entrepreneurs with innovative products and services and urban labs from the districts can meet each other, will be organised.

On 3 May, the Ecohouse organised a workshop around BENovation with around 30 participants where they seek pullers for such a neighbours approach and climate districts.

More info:

At this moment ten neighbourhoods are already shortlisted on the agenda, for which a group of interested builders and rebuilders are being sougth:
•Antwerpen: Linkeroever-Noord;
•Merksem: Kroonwijk, Kluizevelden, Lambrechtshoeken;
•Deurne: Mortelhoek, Zwarte Arend;
•Borgerhout: College;
•Berchem: De Veldekens;
•Wilrijk: Oversnes-Duivelshoek;
•Hoboken: Portugesehof.

Rotterdam opened its first pop up store

In the Binnenhof shopping centre in the Ommoord district in Rotterdam, the first district pop up store ‘Energysaving010’ was opened on 10 March 2017. In the pop up store anyone interested can gain expert advice on the sustainable improvement of their house.

Residents can get help with simple adjustments such as placing weather stripping, which quickly saves money, to more complex measures such as roof, façade and floor insulation or rooftop pv systems.

In addition to general advice, various institutions also organise meetings for owner-occupants of single-familiy houses in Ommoord. These meetings can vary from advisory discussions with owner-occupants on the basis of a heat map of their house, to information meetings about insulation and self-generating energy with solar panels up to information about smart meters.

Opening hours pop up store Energysaving010
The pop up store is open every Friday afternoon from 12h00 to 18h00 and on Saturday from 10h00 to 16h00.

The municipality of Rotterdam, together with a number of other European municipalities, has obtained a European grant (Interreg) for an approach aimed at residents to encourage and facilitate their interest in energy conservation and sustainable housing improvement.

More information
For more information on energy saving measures, tips and subsidies, visit

Initiation Meeting & First Steering Committee, 26-27/01/2017 @ Delft

The initiation meeting and the first steering committee were organised on 26 and 27 January  2017, respectively at the TU Delft premises in Delft. On the second day The Triple-A partners also paid a visit to De Witte Roos.

It was nice to see al partners again and to discuss about some key documents and actions like the Interreg 2 Seas Programme requirements, major control points and milestones, partnership agreement, monitoring plan, procurement policies, financial and communication topics, etc.