Triple-A improves your local authority’s website

Are you a local authority and you want to define the most wanted improvements of your homepage with regard to energy efficient renovation of individual home properties? Then fill out this questionnaire now.

The outcome of this questionnaire will be discussed during the first national scoping scoping workshop of Triple-A “Easy access to information through webportals”, which takes place on 18 May in Rotterdam.

Intention of this workshop

A home-owner’s journey into energy efficient renovation starts by getting informed. An easy access to information happens nowadays through webportals. As part of the TRIPLE-A comprehensive approach, the webportals of local authorities are one important way to reach home-owners, especially those in single family housing. These webportals will be placed in the context of the customer’s journey model.
The current scoping workshop aims to identify the gaps, needs for improvement before making a first selection of functionalities/modules to be implemented in the Local Authority’s webportals as a first step in the journey into the supply side and furthermore to create a basis for a selfsustained model of webportals.

In total 7 local scoping workshops will be held. More info about the agenda and timing will follow.