Rotterdam opened its first pop up store

In the Binnenhof shopping centre in the Ommoord district in Rotterdam, the first district pop up store ‘Energysaving010’ was opened on 10 March 2017. In the pop up store anyone interested can gain expert advice on the sustainable improvement of their house.

Residents can get help with simple adjustments such as placing weather stripping, which quickly saves money, to more complex measures such as roof, façade and floor insulation or rooftop pv systems.

In addition to general advice, various institutions also organise meetings for owner-occupants of single-familiy houses in Ommoord. These meetings can vary from advisory discussions with owner-occupants on the basis of a heat map of their house, to information meetings about insulation and self-generating energy with solar panels up to information about smart meters.

Opening hours pop up store Energysaving010
The pop up store is open every Friday afternoon from 12h00 to 18h00 and on Saturday from 10h00 to 16h00.

The municipality of Rotterdam, together with a number of other European municipalities, has obtained a European grant (Interreg) for an approach aimed at residents to encourage and facilitate their interest in energy conservation and sustainable housing improvement.

More information
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